Nexus Designs is excited to announce the official launch of the CSR Viridian Glass Interior and Decorative product range.

Over the past year, Nexus Designs has been working with CSR Viridian Glass to audit, review and propose a new strategic direction and representation for their Interior & Decorative Product Range.

We have focused on the most unique feature of glass – light and how it interacts with glass. Our aim has been to inspire Architects and Interior Designers to consider using glass, not only for exterior applications but interior applications as well.

Harley Anstee, together with our Graphic Design team of Sally Evans, Edith Prakoso and Myra Murtagh, have explored how light can be Coloured, Diffused, Reflected, Imaged, Layered and even Invented, culminating in the naming of the six product ranges within Interior & Decorative – Spectra, Lumina, Mirra, Pixa, Scala and Futura.

This strategy has gone on to inform our design solutions for an extensive range of print collateral, packaging, photography and other marketing elements – be sure to check out our Mirra photoshoot starring Sizzler the sausage dog!

Select photography by Adrian Lander, Emma Barett and Parallax