As a major sponsor of the Eat Drink Design Awards 2016, CSR Viridian approached Nexus Designs to produce an impactful communication piece for the event night.

Aware of the calibre of those attending the Awards night – from interior designers and architects to well-known hospitality figures – we knew we needed to push for a solution that was current, memorable and engaging. Realising it would be a powerful opportunity to showcase Viridian’s recently launched Interior & Decorative glass range, the idea of the glasshouse was born. The glasshouse would display different Interior & Decorative products, showcasing how each type interacts with light – from diffusion to reflection to texture.

Pushing the idea further, Nexus Designs collaborated with Loose Leaf, well-known botanical artists from Melbourne. Their installation of suspended plants and flowers added intrigue as visitors approached and walked into the space, discovering how the plants interacted with the glass and mirrors surrounding them.

By the end, we had 10 different Interior & Decorative products custom cut into 46 panels of toughened glass, weighing a total of 340kg. It was a herculean effort from all involved, and as the first – and very successful – glasshouse Viridian has produced, has set the benchmark for future displays.