The Rosa’s Table Culinary Tour of Sicily 2015 brochure has once again been delivered with much love and passion by the team at Nexus Designs.


The $1 billion Jewel, Gold Coast development is the largest in South East Queensland and Nexus Designs is very excited to have been commissioned to deliver signage and wayfinding for this vast precinct.

Keep an eye out for updates as this project progresses.


With a suite of City of Melbourne projects currently in production or recently launched, it’s been a busy time at Nexus Designs. These include the Kensington Town Hall (opened February 2015), and progress on the Waterways & Marina Lounge and Kathleen Syme Library & Community Centre Signage.

Stay tuned for further updates.


Our resident colour expert at Nexus Designs, Harley Anstee continues to put his stamp on the Australian built environment with six vibrant new colours for the Bluescope Colorbond® Metallic steel range. 

The new range Aries, Galatic, Cosmic, Rhea, Astro and Celestian colours vary from shimmering white to bold copper with mica particles to boost light reflectivity.

Explore further through the Colorbond® website.


Good looking, sophisticated and stylish… and that’s just the hot-off-the-press Queens Domain apartments. Watch a brilliant Albert Park Lake flyover with Sonia and Lucy talking about Italian kitchens and timeless finishes in this video.

View the video and visit the Queens Domain website


A designers’ new best friend, the tote-able, desk-top worthy display box and bag for Haymes is a highly desirable new tool for the commercial market.
Launched in October 2014, this new way for designers and architects to create their own, edited Haymes selections has become an essential in every studio.

The MV Sorrento Ferry is back from drydock in Tasmania, and looks amazing with an interior by Nexus Designs. 

With sailor stripes and sea-rope details, crossing the bay has never been more stylish.

Click to view the March 2015 Monocle article


At 81 years of age and still working I feel qualified to give a few pointers to 80+ year olds to bridge the gap between 60 and 80 years.

We are constantly reading of advice to 30. 40 & 50 year olds but no mention of the 80’s, who exist in large numbers and still want to look good.

The following may assist:

  1. Continually work on your posture. Stand up straight.
  2. Dispense with the bling. I know you will have built up a substantial jewellery collection by now, but the less you wear at one time the better.
  3. Don’t wear black, particularly black stockings. My mother always said, “Black is for the young and the middle aged, not the old.” An exception is a good pair of black pants, a far better alternative than trying to look good in jeans.
  4. Wear bright clean plain colours, blue, pink, red etc.
  5. Jackets please, not cardigans.
  6. Long sleeves, unless you have arms like Grace Kelly.
  7. Try hard with your footwear. Remember the Queen Mother was still in heels at the age of 90.
  8. Create your own style and stick to it. Don’t be influenced by your peer group.
  9. Invest in good prescription and sunglasses. I have worn Tom Ford for years and they are comfortable as well as fashionable.
  10. Smile.
  11. Buy less, spend more on good design items. I have great outfits from top designers which I have been wearing for over 20 years, so in the long run they are more economical than numerous cheaper garments.
  12. There is now more time to read well. Keep up to date with exhibitions, musical events and travel There are great DVDs available like Borgen or The Wire. There is no excuse for not being a good conversationalist.
  13. Don’t be a bore. No one wants to hear about your ailments and digital images of the grandchildren should be kept to a minimum.
  14. Have a good haircut. Straight is best unless you have a cloud of hair like Rebekah Brooks.
  15. Now you will feel like 60. It’s a great time to be 80.