Collating Colour


The packaging project of dreams! Celebrating the collation of colour and balancing spontaneity and order, the Haymes Paint Colour Kit was a challenging and fulfilling exploration in design and production for our Graphic Design team.

Housed in a matt varnished slip case, the Colour Kit pops in vibrant Balatex Savanna Sky Blue linen, opening via a hidden magnet to reveal a contrasting hot Tangelo interior. The Haymes brand narrative is told through Milford Astor copper foiling, while a space-saving system contains colour-grouped swatch folders and a commercial paint colour fan deck, accessed by a gold ribbon.

Ball & Doggett Supreme Uncoated folders in a spectrum of colours hold loose A5 brush-outs, while a ‘Your Favourites’ folder allows designers to collate and store their personal preferences or most often used colours. Adorning each folder cover is a contrasting Haymes paint splash, celebrating the potentially playful nature of the product, creating a diverse colour palette and energetic launch device for the new Haymes Commercial colour kit.


Photographer: Parallax