COLORBOND® steel Matt Launch

Nexus Designs was approached by Bluescope Steel to form the storytelling and visual styling of the COLORBOND® steel Matt official media launch in Sydney. Guests included leading media representatives from the design and architectural industries, including Vogue Living, Belle, Inside Out, Artichoke and Architecture Australia.

We were inspired by the landscape photography on display by Murray Fredericks, and the sculptural effect of the COLORBOND® steel Matt product. We designed a series of ‘maquettes’, each standing as art pieces, dotted around the space as guests mingled. Each individually folded sculpture showcased the raw beauty of the product, and the differentiation of each colour when viewed from different angles.

As part of the ongoing series of Design Manager Workshops between Nexus Designs and prominent industry Builders, palettes used during the workshops were also displayed at the launch, designed to encourage interaction with what is a highly tactile product.

The palettes demonstrated not only how deeply Australian the five COLORBOND® steel Matt colours are, but how comfortably they sit within contemporary external material palettes and the Australian design landscape.

Photography by Aidan Lynch and Nexus Designs