Driving Design


Cars have been at the forefront of design evolution across every era of modern day history. Anyone with a love or appreciation for shape, style or detail will be able to conjure up their favourite car and their second favourite car and their equal second favourite car, and…

We’ve all, at some stage, drooled, elaborated or waxed lyrical about the likes of Aston Martin, Maserati, Ferrari, McLaren, Lotus etc. The list goes on and on and as designers perhaps we feel we have some particular affinity with the balanced forms, the sophisticated styling and the unerring attention to detail in car design that speaks to our unabashed and deep rooted love of beautiful things.

Rolls-Royce, synonomous with handmade luxury, design and craftsmanship for the best part of the last century, dictate a strict level of corporate design vision across all aspects of the company. So it was with great excitement and a sense of humility that we embraced the new Rolls-Royce atelier and luxury showroom in Swan Street Richmond.

Building on an established corporate design identity from Rolls-Royce London HQ, we had permission to implement new interior concepts that would extend the vision and inspire a younger market.

Photography: Nicole England