Great Minds…


“Great minds think alike” as the saying goes; and in the early days when Janne Faulkner and her Nexus Designs team were part of the Merchant Builders collaboration, this was a daily reality. Even in the 1980’s as Janne began the process of making Nexus Designs a more independent entity she didn’t look too far afield for her graphic designer of choice.

“I need a logo,” was her rather nonchalant brief to Brian Sadgrove. A peer of Janne’s at the time and quietly but widely successful in his own field, Brian was (and still is) a firm believer in the simple, no-nonsense, user focussed design approach of the Merchant Builders team and other notable architects of the time.

The Melbourne design scene was considerably smaller in those days, more close knit and with a current of mutual respect amongst peers who were all doing what they loved. Janne could have designed a logo herself – but she didn’t – she gave the job to a designer she respected, someone she knew would understand where she was coming from and what she needed. And indeed he did. Brian showed no concepts or options, only a solution he deemed right. And it was.

The Nexus Designs logo, a seemingly complex, though fundamentally simple relationship of parts, is now some 35 years old and still going strong. Its timelessness serves as a reminder of the strength of simple ideas and purity in execution.

Sadgrove’s process in manually (and slowly) deconstructing the Letraset Helvetica forms enforced the clarity of thought before execution, allowing no excess elements in its outcome. The logo continues to this day to serve as a reminder of our studio’s design approach – simple, strong, considered and timeless.