Melbourne Visitor Hub

Contained within an 1800’s building in a central location, careful consideration to heritage was paramount to the creation of the Melbourne Visitor Hub at Town Hall. Our design brief was for a space that moved away from the existing transactional model to become experience-driven and agile, incorporating flexibility, discovery and interactivity.

Creating a flow through the spaces that was intuitively navigable was key to a great visitor experience and we worked closely with City of Melbourne to develop the series of information points and interactions that would meet this objective. Pivotal to the Hub’s interactive success is the central desk. A striking figure-eight form allows maximum functionality and flow for the City of Melbourne’s staff, volunteers and visitors to collaborate around this sculptural centrepiece. With lower desks for accessibility, stand-up areas to encourage staff-visitor interaction and plentiful concealed storage and technology, it becomes a literal touch-point in the Hub.

A counterpoint to the sleek, solid-surface desk was the incorporation of natural timber wall panelling – a dual purpose initiative to create warmth & tactility as a wall surface while performing the practical demand of a pegboard display system.

Colour always an integral part of our concept (however subtle it may seem) was used to separate the two main spaces, with the darker dusky blue offering a sanctuary from the busy street and a soft but dense ivory, both neutral & calming to enhance contemplation and planning.

Fitout: Synthesis Design + Build

Photographer: Andrew Curtis


  • Interior Design
  • Finishes & Fittings Selection
  • Space Planning
  • Colour & Finishes Selection
  • Custom Furniture & Joinery
  • Custom Display System