A large raw retail space to showcase small and exquisitely beautiful Japanese handmade product. This was a combination in need of a clever balancing act. The design brief was to create a welcoming retail environment that allows customers to “discover” Japanese culture and craftsmanship while browsing.

We divided the 127sqm space into three zones, each defined by its own circulation and journey. The first, an ‘active zone’ focuses on the traditional Furoshiki gift wrapping technique followed by quirky children’s objects set out along two 4 m long light timber benches at a suitable sitting height. The second is a high end ‘gallery zone’ for individual crafted brands, defined across five separate timber plinths.

Traditional style hanging fabric panels were layered down the centre of the store’s roofline to define the third zone, contrasting against the laboratory style exposed ceiling which was deliberately left unfinished. This central area encompasses the point-of-sale counter and feature product cube. Glazed in Viridian’s ScalaMirage – a spectacular acid etched glass with rain-like linear markings reminiscent of Issey Miyake pleats and back-painted in a rich solid black, the glass cubes are a lustrous centrepiece that add strength to the space.

Collaboration with Nexus Designs Graphics team ensured the interior design aesthetic was carried through to, and expressed in, the environmental graphics.

Photography: Peter Hyatt


  • Interior Design
  • Finishes & Fittings Selection
  • Space Planning
  • Custom Joinery
  • Interior Colour Palette