Perpetual Motion


Elegant form, seamless function, distinct typography. The Timor desk calendar could be said to epitomise what was so great about modernist product design. Inspired by the bold typography of railway signage, a series of cards are rotated each day to display the date, day and month, requiring a simple, yet satisfyingly small action that is both perpetual and infinite.

Designed in 1967 by renowned Italian artist and designer Enzo Mari, this calendar was purchased by our Managing Director Harley Anstee on a trip to the Danese store in Milano. A faithful friend, it has been marking time ever since as an integral part of his studio desk space. Harley’s Timor calendar is certainly living up to its Italian description of Calendario Perpetuo as it may bear the many marks of time but its action is still going strong.

Enzo Mari Portrait by Driade