Portland Smelter Services

The Portland Aluminium Smelter is located on a bluff with the ocean on two sides just outside the town of Portland.  Portland Smelter Services is committed to their ‘smelter in the Park’ philosophy and the well being of their employees.

Nexus Designs was commissioned by Portland Aluminium to consult on the interior and exterior colour schemes for the Smelter.  The exterior scheme was deliberately designed to blend with the surrounding natural environment and the colours reflect the sea, the bush, the water and the sand.  Interior colours were selected and combined to create visual relief within kilometre long industrial buildings. As well as providing stimulation and well being within the immediate environment of the worker colours reflected safety and technical requirements of the smelter.

Photography: John Gollings


  • Furniture Selection
  • Interior Colour Palette
  • Exterior Colour Palette