Queens Domain Display Suite

The muliti-residential Display Suite is essentially an aspirational space – capturing the visitor’s imagination and creating an immersive living experience in what is actually a commercial space for selling apartments. Achieving this balance was at the core of our approach to this compelling space at Queens Domain – a twenty-storey apartment building located between Melbourne’s Botanic Garden precinct and Albert Park Lake. Designed to reflect a real sense of residential luxury, the simplicity of natural finishes and timeless furnishings combine to create a seamless introduction to this beautiful mulit-residential development while ensuring the space also functions as an exceptional tool for marketing.

238 Apartments
Architect: DKO Architects
Developer: Kangoala/PDA Australia

Photography: Compliments of Savi Communications


  • Interior Design
  • Interior Colour Palette
  • Bathroom Design
  • Kitchen Design
  • Interior Styling for Renders
  • Interior Styling for Display Suite
  • Marketing Video
  • Marketing Material Input
  • Furniture Selection for Display Suite
  • Robe Design
  • Space Planning in Collaboration with dKO
  • Co-ordination & Styling of Renders