Shoreham House

Our client engaged us to specify furniture that would bring colour, comfort and texture to the interiors of their Shoreham beach house. Working with exceptionally strong inside/outside spaces designed by Tim Spicer and Fiona Brockhoff, we chose pieces that were always practical and always beautiful.

Flat weave rugs were used throughout, including indoor/outdoor Bolon stripes under the dining table and courtyard. Other selections included Butterfly chairs in leather that will patina over time, Masters chairs, Dizzie tables, Costanza wall lights and a Moller bench for the master bedroom.

Photography: Willem Dirk
Architecture: Time Spicer Architects
Landscape: Fiona Brockhoff


  • Interior Design
  • Interior Colour Palette
  • Furniture Selection
  • Accessories and Styling
  • Furniture Procurement