Lighten Up


There are many facets to our work, but uncovering the potential of an interior with some light-handed interventions – remove something non-structural, re-paint something gloomy, re-plan the use of a space, fix the light levels, add better joinery – these are some of the changes, if done with consideration and care that can breathe new life into a space.

This three storey townhouse suffered from an excess of ‘brownness’ in its original fitout, but the spaces were generous, the natural light was lovely and the leafy aspect was outstanding.

We brought a fresh approach and a lighter hand to the interior, making hard heavy wall tiles disappear, transforming existing joinery by painting it vivid blue and creating a sanctuary of natural light and softness with a peaceful palette of white, blue and yellow soft furnishings.

The result was a shifting of the overall balance of the interior from serious and stifling to relaxed and inviting with sculptural furniture, lighter finishes and curated artworks.


Photography: Tatjana Plitt


  • Interior Design
  • Finishes & Fittings Selection
  • Interior Styling
  • Furniture Selection & Procurement