Tangram 300


The enigmatic witness to decades of presentations, negotiations and celebrations, our Tangram 300 boardroom table bears the patina of time, but is living proof that great design really does last. Made as a limited edition, seven piece dining table by Cassina in 1983, it was designed by Archizoom’s Massimo Morozzi. Completely reconfigurable, it is based on an ancient Chinese tangram puzzle. Janne Faulkner and Harley Anstee chose it for our new South Melbourne studio space in 1986, and it’s been a focal point in our working lives ever since.

It’s not the most practical table – bits wobble, legs get bumped and we often need a diagram to put it back together – but I love it’s design DNA and it’s non-hierarchical seating layout” says our Creative Director Sonia Simpfendorfer when we recreated an archival photo with her recently.

Our Tangram 300 sits with the equally classic Cassina 650 AEO chairs designed by Paolo Deganello in 1973, a Hu Qinwu artwork from Niagara Galleries and an IC T1 table lamp designed by Michael Anastassiades for Flos.