The Bold & The Beautiful


The bold and beautiful print designs of Marimekko instantly attracted Nexus Designs founder Janne Faulkner and she delighted in using them in Merchant Builders housing projects. The large scale geometric and abstract designs were a perfect foil for the simplicity of the houses and brought instant joy.

Marimekko’s unpretentious, colourful patterns and inventive designs were such a departure from the staid upholstery and curtain fabrics of the 1960’s and 70’s. Quickly adopted by Nexus Designs residential clients, our favourite was Lokki, the simple bold wave design contrasted on white in either brown, black, or red – it never disappointed.

Unikko, the iconic Poppy design in superb colour combinations is another favourite – eye catching brilliant pinks, vibrant blues, lively greens, graphic black and delicate soft beige. The very successful Unikko design was transformed into bedlinen, doona covers, bags, dresses, shirts, tableware, and is the hallmark of Marimekko today.

See the Marimekko: Design Icon exhibition at The Bendigo Art Gallery until 11 June 2018.

Nexus Designs Early Work – Residential Display Homes circa 1967 – 1977

Marimekko Textiles shown: Lokki – Maija Isola, Melooni – Maija Isola, Eve – Katsuji Wakisaka, Kimalainen – Maija Isola, and Dombra – Maija & Kristina Isola