The Cook’s Companion


We all know the kitchen is the true heart of many a home, but in this case it was even more so – as a professional cook and by this time, a successful food writer, Stephanie Alexander’s kitchen was a very important place for both work and pleasure.

The brief was thorough and concise. No walls to be removed, retain the comfortable cork flooring, minimise the amount of bending required, ample display for precious plates and pots and NO white walls! Spatially it also had to permit an assistant to be present sometimes as well as a photographer, but as Stepahine said “I did not want to turn it into a commercial food studio. It was also my home.

Frequently-used utensils were hung rather than put away in deep cupboards, benches were removed to create a cleaner less cluttered space, new joinery designed to house an ample range of crockery & glassware and a deep buttery yellow wall colour was chosen, called Spaghetti which “…gave the kitchen a warm atmosphere” said Stephanie.

I loved the new cupboards and the clever drawers that housed wine glasses. I loved the satin chrome drawer handles. I loved the removal of awkward bench design to create a cleaner less cluttered space.” Stephanie said when we asked her for recollections of the process, however she said she did later replace the timber bench tops with Carrara marble as they “…never felt clean.

The abundant open joinery was designed to display Stephanie’s collection of precious plates and pots collected from significant places over the years, which were replaced with simple white tableware for the project photo shoot.

Photography: Earl Carter