Viridian Glass to Go

Viridian’s partnership with industry leader Glazing and Construction Supplies (GCS) saw the establishment of a complete product and support solution, supplying not only the right advice and glass for the job, but the hardware, equipment and consumables associated.

Nexus Designs was engaged to develop a set of assets and collateral to bring this ‘best of both worlds’ partnership to the national stock and trade market, promote the extended range of products and remind professionals of the advice and support available to them to aid smooth processing and installation.

Sometimes it’s the simple things that can be the most important with glass. Playing on this idea, quirky configurations of seemingly ordinary tools and consumables were set off against fresh, brightly coloured backdrops, showing the products in a completely new light. These ‘everyday worlds’ brought the focus back to the glass processors and glaziers, to the importance of their craft and needs, to their world.

A ‘world of glass to go’ offers the right advice, services and tools to get the job done.


  • Creative Direction
  • Print Collateral
  • Print Co-ordination
  • Visual Communication
  • Photographic Art Direction
  • Graphic Design